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We believe it’s possible for artists to work with brands without compromising their artistic integrity. MAX uses hard data to build brand-artist partnerships where values are aligned and both sides win.

What Our Platform Offers Artists

Brand Partners

We find brand partners (not just sponsors) for artists of all sizes based on hard data, personal connections to the brands, and a fair exchange of value.

You, Your Music, Your Story

We work with you and your brand partner to produce high-quality video and audio about you, your music, and your story.

Targeted Promotion To Win New Fans

We put your music and your story everywhere music lovers want to hear and see it: radio, streaming, social, and more.

Bigger, More Impactful Shows

Your targeted promotions bring more fans, which means bigger shows and more merch sales. We help plan VIP experiences and exclusive shows, too.

MAX In Action

Find The Right Brand Match

Between our Genre Matching Engine and Artist Matching Engine, there’s a lot of data science behind how we partner brands and artists. But music is not data. It’s art.

Even if the numbers say there’s a perfect match, we work with artists to make sure any brand partnership fits with their creative vision.

You may have the same fans as a brand, but we always make sure you have the same values, too.

Let us know which brands you like by filling out the Artist Registration form.

Artist Registration

“I just wanted to tell you how much of an impact the Wild Wing Cafe radio spots had on my downloads. The impact was shocking to me, [and] it was really awesome seeing my song being played on radio and Pandora!”

Ricky Young

“This was one of the best sponsor relationships we’ve ever had… Was truly a pleasure.”

Josh Terry, Artist Manager
Mayday Parade

“Working with MAX and Ford not only took us to a higher level; it also influenced the way our fans, friends, and clients look at us. By all means this experience added greater value and assurance of our brand and our music.”

Milton, Artist Manager
Ocho de Bastos

“Working with MAX and Dr Pepper has helped our new single reach #4 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart and caught the attention of more than 200 radio stations across the country.”

Buck Judkins, Artist Management
SoundCheck International

“It was a dream come true to partner up with Ford! They were so easy to work with, and the amount of response from social media was nothing short of incredible. I am so happy that they choose to support independent, Texas artists! My fans really appreciated that from such a powerful company.”

Bri Bagwell

“I really enjoyed being a part of the Ford Music Program. Not only am I a fan of Ford vehicles but I am also a big fan of their initiative to give back to Texas Country Music. They helped promote my brand and expand my music throughout Texas and I am thankful for that.”

Jake Worthington

“Working with Forty Creek has made a huge impact in our shows. Being endorsed by a major brand puts me, as an artist, on a different level. I’m very proud to be a part of the Forty Creek team.”

Todd O’Neill

“Houston has always been a good market for us but the ads sure did help! The promotion with AutoZone was great. Everyone knew about La Reunion and our event in Houston.”

Tony Marquez, Artist Manager
La Reunion Norteña

“Working with Jarred and the team at Music Audience Exchange was truly a breath of fresh air. The level at which their team operates rivals any marketing agency we have worked with previously so if you aren’t using this agency to expand your brand then you are being left behind.”

Jeb Hurt, Talent Agent
Sam Riggs

“This is my second time working with MAX and I can honestly say that they are awesome to work with. Whether through social media or radio campaigns they are always looking to help the artist grow. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Brandyn Steen, Artist Manager
Jake Worthington

Your Music, Your Story, Everywhere

The brands we work with recognize that your fans want to see you, hear your music, and know your story.

We work with you and your brand partner to produce high-quality video and audio that your fans will enjoy.

And then we put it everywhere.

Your Music Heard By The Right People

We use extensive marketing research to put you and your music where people want it:

Social Media
And More

…all with strategic frequency, so your music is heard by the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

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Our programs reach


of your target fans, everywhere they engage with music.

On average,


of fans reached engage directly with you and your story.

Engaged fans spend


of their time, on average, watching custom videos about you and your music.

Live Events With Impact and Integrity

Our programs bring new fans to your shows, and at your shows, you are the main attraction.

While we work with you and your brand partner to create memorable fan experiences like VIP meet-and-greets, your show is always the most important.

(Oh, and ask us how we can help you collect fan data.)


Brand Partnerships With Integrity

Partner with brands whose values match yours and your fans’.


Your Music Heard By The Right People

Your music is placed in front of the people most likely to like it.


Custom Stories About Your Music

Your brand partner wants to highlight you, your music, and your story.


Bigger Shows With Fan Data

We help you collect data on all of the new fans at your shows.


Your Music Heard By More People

We guarantee how many impressions you will receive before every program.


Detailed Reporting of Results

You’ll receive a detailed report that shows the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of your partnership.

Artist Case Studies

See how we've partnered artists with the right brands for measurable results.