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Music and Tech: Lessons From Techweek Dallas

A few examples of artists who commanded attention and maintained authenticity   Techweek made themselves at home in Dallas for a weeklong stint of educational sessions with tech innovators by day and performances with music innovators by night. It was an eclectic...

From A Brand Partnership To Nationwide Radio

Louisianan country singer Todd O’Neill recently won the inaugural NASH Next contest, a four-month competition to identify America’s newest country star. According to CBS, NASH Next was the “first-ever talent competition to provide the winner with coveted nationwide...

Want Your Music In A Commercial? Start Preparing.

Best practices for artist managers and artists when preparing for brand partnerships. One of the most exciting things that can happen for a band is to have their music used in a commercial. Of course, the best intersections of brand partnerships with artists are those...

SingFit Uses Music To Fight Alzheimer’s

Amidst all the talk of royalties and copyright infringement, it’s easy to forget that music is about more than business. At Music Audience Exchange (MAX), of course, we believe music resonates on a profoundly emotional level. We recently came upon a company that...

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