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Whether you're looking to reach a broad or niche audience, with nationally recognized or up-and-coming artists, we've got you covered. Our platform uses extensive data to build brand-artist partnerships of all shapes and sizes that drive measurable results and make your job less complicated.

MAX Powers Integrated Marketing Programs With Music

Key Components of the MAX Platform

Music Artists

We compare your specific consumer attributes with fans of more than 2.4 million artists worldwide to find the perfect match.

Custom Content

You get professionally-produced audio and branded video content, plus personalized social media posts from artists you partner with.

Targeted Reach

We use a combo of paid, owned, and earned channels to get your message to the right people, when they want to be engaged.



You tell us what’s important – live shows, retail integration, VIP experiences – we make the magic happen.

Find The Right Artist Match

You know your consumer. We know what music they love.

Gen X-ers who drive foreign cars, go bowling, and drink fruit juice? They like New Wave with a hint of Jazz.

Millennial, 2nd generation Hispanics who like to hike? That’s Salsa and Reggaetón.

Whether you’re looking for a national or regional artist, with an emerging or established career, you should remove the guesswork. Find the right genre, and partner with artists your consumers love.

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“MAX provides an amazing platform for brands to build relationships with consumers in an impactful way.”

Brett Peters, VP
GTB (Ford Agency)

“I’m very pleased with the results MAX delivered. What really impressed me is their ability to target and engage a very specific consumer online, at retail, and through live music experiences.”

Orfilio J. Quintero, Hispanic Manager
Jack Daniel’s

“MAX has been a perfect way to reach our target using music as the connection and social media as the medium. A great company to work with that over-delivered on results! Win-Win!.”

Joan Powner, Marketing Manager

“MAX seamlessly delivered a push-button music program that generated measurable results. Their combination of creative and technology equaled exponentially more exposure than we expected.”

Nicole Portwood, VP Brand Marketing
Tito’s Handmade Vodka

“MAX provides an efficient and precision-tuned platform for targeting and engaging artists and fans in ways that brands can see, hear, feel, measure and replicate. It’s a beautiful system and we’re excited to see where it grows from here.”

Dot Rhyne, Executive Producer
BrandTalkers (Chevy Music Showcase Agency)

“Both the MAX team and the artists have been great to work with; we’re truly excited about our partnership with MAX and looking forward to executing out next program.”

Orfilio J. Quintero, Hispanic Manager
Jack Daniel’s

“Music is at the heart of our brand and central to our relationship with our guests; with the MAX platform, we took things to a new level across radio, streaming, social and stage.”

Simone Bruderer, Director of Marketing
Wild Wing Cafe

Get Custom Content Your Target Audience Loves

You know your consumer. We know what content engages them.

When artists create content, it’s authentic. It’s what they do best. So we work with your consumer’s favorite artists to create branded content that works for you both.

You get professionally-produced audio and video, plus personalized social media posts from artists who are proud to partner with your brand.

Great marketing content requires quality and quantity. Don’t sacrifice one for the other.

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Reach Exactly Who You Want, When They Want

You know your consumer. We know how to reach them when and where they’re most receptive.

If your target consumer likes indie pop, we partner you with the right indie pop artist and put your message wherever they listen to indie pop.

Social, radio, streaming, and anywhere else your target consumer engages with their favorite music and artists.

Reaching the right audience shouldn’t be intrusive. Weave your message seamlessly into people’s lives, in all of the places they naturally engage with music.

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Activate Consumers in Meaningful Ways

You know your consumer. We’ve got the tools to captivate them.

Consumers aren’t numbers. They’re people. And while everything seems to be digital, the strongest relationships still require real-world experiences.

Artists navigate the online / offline divide with ease.

Captivate your consumer by giving them meaningful experiences with their favorite artists. Our platform can extend your message into live shows, retail, VIP contests, and more.

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Relevant Music Artists

We use data to partner you with artists who are genuine fans of your brand, and whose fans match your target audience.


Better Consumer Engagement

Your branded content is built to drive consumer engagement, user- generated content, and interaction with artists and fans.


Authentic Branded Content

You’ll get tons of high quality branded content delivered through a trusted, authentic source: the artist.


Multiple Activation Options

We make sure that your brand is incorporated across physical touchpoints between the artist and fans.


Hyper-Targeted Reach

We ensure your message is reaching exactly the right people, when and where your audience is most receptive.


Detailed Reporting of Results

You’ll receive a detailed report that shows the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of your program.

Case Studies

See how the MAX Platform has helped brands and agencies achieve measurable results.