Coors Light Documents The Climb Toward Music Success Via New Artist Initiative

The program has announced 26 partnerships with musicians like Houston’s DJ Chose, the Chicago-based, all-female Noreteno band Rimel and LA hip-hop duo Crooked Stilo, with more expected.
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The Most Popular Music Artist In Every State, According To Pandora

Turns out, Drake is just as popular as he seems — though not everywhere. Some states have a few curveball favorites.
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How Artist Affinity Targeting Works On Pandora’s Free Music Marketing Platform

This article explores how Pandora’s new feature allows artists to connect with fans and how it was tested and perfected.
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Why Labels Are Partnering With Zumba To Break Artists

The fitness-craze creators on breaking tracks by Pitbull and a new partnership with Steve Aoki.
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How Do Songs End Up On Spotify Playlists Anyway?

So if money won’t buy you placement on a popular Spotify owned playlist, how does someone get a song added?
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Facebook Takes Another Big Step Toward The Music Biz With Source3 Buyout

Facebook has just acquired the team and technology behind an IP identification tool created for the music industry – in addition to sports and other entertainment businesses – run by two music IP specialists who both spent years at The Orchard and other music businesses.
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The Inside Story Of SoundCloud’s Collapse

SoundCloud was once a platform beloved by listeners and creators, whose leaders hoped to revolutionize the music industry. Hamstrung by management mistakes and fierce competition, they never did. Here’s the story of how it all came crashing down.
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DJ Chose – My Climb. My Music.

DJ Chose talks about his climb to music. #climbon

To listen to his new song “”Run it Up”” visit

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