Billboard’s 2017 Branding Power Players List Revealed

These are the 57 executives driving the $2.1 billion business of partnering marketers with superstars, led by Citi’s Jennifer Breithaupt, whose latest moves include tapping Katy Perry.
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Spotify’s Plan To Win Over Anxious Artists – And Win The Streaming War

The effort includes new metrics tools for musicians, steadily improving fan targeting, and a range of curated and algorithmic playlists to help artists reach new listeners.
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Stem Raises $8M To Get Music Artists Paid More Seamlessly

Stem works to collect the revenue from those tracks in disparate platforms and sources it into a sort of escrow. It then pays the artists based on a previously agreed level of involvement and revenue share.
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Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again

A major pain point for creatives in the music industry — such as songwriters, producers and musicians — is that they are the first to put in any of the work, and the last to ever see any profit.
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Synch Licensing: Why Old Thinking Is Leaving Money On The Table

For many labels and artist managers, this hidden market of microlicensing is scary because it’s an unknown territory. They wrongly worry the synch business is a zero-sum game — or worse — and assume any microlicense will hurt their opportunities with larger synch licenses.
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Drake Wins Sampling Case Over Fair Use, Music Licensing Still A Mess

Drake has managed to win a case regarding music sampling on the ground of fair use, something which almost never happens.
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What Pandora’s $200M Ticketfly Sale and $480M SiriusXM Investment Means

The questions on most music industry watchers’ minds are, what does each party stand to gain and what does it mean for the music industry as a whole?
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Ford Music presents Eric Roberson

Fans can visit for a chance to win tickets and get to know Eric Roberson.

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