MAX Program Samples

More than 85 brands-artist partnerships have been powered by the MAX Platform. Below are just a few samples of custom content and live experiences from our recent programs.

What Is MAX?

Radio / Streaming Audio Samples

Audio content is a core part of all MAX Programs. Our unique approach to audio (just take a listen below) generates streaming engagement rates up to 36% higher than typical streaming ads. So far, we’ve delivered…


Total Streaming Audio Impressions


Total Streaming Engagements


Avg. Streaming Engagement Rate

Video Samples

Custom branded videos help bring each MAX Program to life. By featuring artists directly engaging with brands they love, our videos bring a level of authenticity to every partnership, and generate view rates up to 80% higher than average. So far, we’ve generated…


Total YouTube Video Views


Minutes Watched


YouTube View Rate

Social Media Samples

Social media is a powerful part of every MAX Program, and is driven through the artists’ own pages. Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more, the MAX Platform leverages custom targeting blocks to boost and amplify artists’ posts, generating engagement rates up to 40x higher than average for some brands. To date, we’ve garnered…


Total Social Media Impressions


Total Social Media Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares, Video Views, etc.)


Avg. Social Media Engagement Rate

Content Hub Samples

At the center of all MAX Programs is the branded Content Hub. They’re 100% mobile-friendly, and serve as centralized websites where fans can get more content featuring the artist and brand together. From behind-the-scenes videos, to social participation tips, to sweepstakes entry forms, and retailer participation info, fans can find everything they’re looking for on the content hub. So far, we’ve delivered…


Avg. Mobile Traffic


Avg. Consumer Time Spent on Site


Contest Entries & Email Opt-Ins

Live Experience Samples

Live experiences are essential to MAX Programs. Whether it’s a VIP meet-and-greet backstage, or a flyaway concert package, or an intimate online surprise session, MAX Programs come to life when fans get to experience their favorite artists in a new way, thanks to the brand. To date, we’ve delivered…


Total Live Experiences


Live Experience Attendees

Brand Case Studies

See how we've partnered brands with the right artists for measurable results.