What is MAX?

Music Audience Exchange (MAX) is a technology company that helps consumer brands and music artists form mutually beneficial partnerships to drive measurable results.

Our platform uses proprietary consumer data to identify shared audiences, facilitate authentic partnerships, and tell shared stories everywhere fans engage with music. Every MAX program consists of brand-artist partnerships, custom content, targeted reach, and live experiences.

MAX Was Built For…

Brands / Agencies

Brands and agencies need to reach and engage target consumers

Artists / Labels

Artists need to get their music heard and grow their audiences

Media Channels

Media channels need to keep people tuned in and attentive


Consumers want content and experiences without interruption

How It Works

1. MAX Identifies the Right Genre

Based on a brand’s consumer profile, MAX uses data science to identify the style of music best suited for the target consumer.

MAX’s Genre Matching Engine leverages millions of data points to determine which music genres most effectively captivate the brand’s target consumer.


Age: 25-34
Likes to Hike
Style Conscious
Skiing Enthusiast

2. MAX Identifies the Right Artist

The MAX artist database contains the genre, location, social media information, and more for over 2.4 million artists worldwide.

MAX’s Artist Matching Engine examines music type, most popular markets, audience sizes, and more to identify the right artist partners for a brand’s marketing program.

(Artists, want to make sure potential brand partners see the most accurate information? Register your artist profile.)

3. MAX Distributes Branded Content

MAX works with artists to produce custom branded content prominently featuring their music.

MAX’s platform distributes audio, video, and written content to hyper-targeted audiences across radio, streaming and social media.

All of the marketing drives consumers to a program-specific content hub.

Custom Video Content
Fully Branded Design
Customizable Layouts with Multiple CTAs
Mobile Optimized (75% of traffic is mobile)

4. MAX Delivers Live Experiences

MAX brings the entire program together with bigger shows for artists and accompanying experiences for fans.

MAX drives authentic activations by integrating brands into the fan experience: backstage on tour, on branded stages, appearances at retail and more.

MAX’s live activation app can gather fan data at shows and bring a branded backstage experience to thousands more consumers online.

See Samples

Detailed Reporting

MAX partnerships are based on hard data, and they generate real outcomes, not just “awareness” or “exposure” but actual, measurable results. We provide accurate, detailed reporting to both brands and artists, including:

Consumer/Fan Insights
Aggregate Reach by Channel
Social Media Engagement
Live Show Recaps
Earned Media

Everyone Benefits

Brands / Agencies

Brands and agencies reach and engage target consumers with authenticity, which drives measurable results.

Artists / Labels

Artists win over new fans, selling more tickets and merch in the process, and they get valuable fan data, too.

Media Channels

Media channels keep listeners and viewers engaged with native, authentic advertising.


Consumers live their lives without having to change the station or block ads. And, they get a chance to win VIP experiences with their favorite artists, courtesy of the brand.