Our good friend and adviser, George Howard, recently penned an article in the New York Times about the rise in music festivals as an economic necessity for the commercial viability of musicians. George touches upon some disruptive macro-trends in the music industry: the death of recorded music as CPG, the rise of streaming and the economic impact of this shift for artists, and the unexpected windfall for music lovers as their favorite artists are forced to perform more and more in order to sustain lasting music careers.

The team at MAX couldn’t agree with George more; in fact, some of the points George makes served as inspiration for us when we launched the business. With great challenge comes great opportunity, and as artist revenue from the sale of recorded music shrinks, opportunities for brands to serve as patrons of the arts present themselves. When brands and artists align spiritually (think: Red Bull and AWOLNATION) and are trying to reach the same audiences; when brands need content and artists need exposure – where others see challenge we (and our clients) see opportunity.

Check out what George had to say in the NYT below: READ MORE »

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