Music Tech Is The New Music Industry

Venture capital companies investing in music tech startups like Amper, MAX and Dubset, which have announced fundraises, says volumes about music’s future.
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How Three New Platforms Use Crowdsourcing To Plot Tours

Fanbassador, RoadNation and Show4Me utilize crowdfunding strategies to steer live acts to markets where ticket demand is greatest.
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The Gatekeepers That Control The Placement Of Music In Ads

The infographic linked below illustrates the journey of a song in advertising, pinpointing the gatekeepers, decision-makers and executives along the way.
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MC’s Preview Guide To SXSW 2017

Artist-brand relations, licensing, navigating your career, and mentor sessions.
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Airbnb Turns To Live Music With ‘Music Experiences’ Initiative

100 music-related experiences and live shows are currently listed.
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Up Next For Facebook: Music

Facebook’s biggest challenge may be to solve the puzzle of ‘social music’.
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Study: Share Of Streaming Revenue Paid To Licensing Orgs Fell 27% In 2016

Revenue may be growing, but the percentage passed on to creators is dropping.
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Future’s Historic Feat Of Back-To-Back No. 1 Albums Reflects The Music Industry’s Evolution

For Future, it’s not a stunt, à la Guns N’ Roses in 1991 or Nelly in 2004. It’s business as usual.
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