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For over a century, Ford has been a leading innovator in the automotive space. With a forward-thinking approach to both products and the people who buy them, the company remains an icon of American industry. In true Ford style, they’ve embraced a movement that’s changing the culture around music and reimagining the role music plays in marketing. With an increasingly diverse population, Ford has captured the spirit of music and the road in a way that celebrates the mosaic of cultures across the US.


  • Increase brand sentiment among Hispanic audiences
  • Improve engagement with 17 key audiences
  • Convert brand awareness into online leads for test drives
  • Create an ongoing program with national reach, tailored to local cultures


  • Music is essential to the driving experience
  • Based on a specific audience profile, the MAX Platform identified taste in music and how that relates to the type of vehicle they may be in the market for
  • Hispanic audiences aren’t one-size-fits all. Tastes in music vary significantly based on acculturation, demographic and psychographic profiles, and geographic markets


To deepen Ford’s connection with its key audiences in every region, at every level, MAX created the “Ford Music” program – an ongoing music program that features both Spanish and English-speaking artists. Using data provided by the MAX Platform, the program has already featured 75+ artists, from a myriad of music styles, that appeal to the 17 diverse audiences Ford is looking to connect with in key markets.

Each month “Ford Music” features new music from emerging artists, highlighting their stories and music through audio content and documentary-style videos set to a backdrop of a Ford vehicle. This custom audio and video content, featuring the artist and brand, is then promoted across a mix of mainstream radio, digital, streaming, social, and video channels that vary based on the listening preferences of each audience Ford is trying to reach. The program also includes brand activations at live shows and artist meet-and-greets throughout the country.



A Millward Brown study showed that the MAX music program increased sentiment by as much as 14% among Hispanic audiences in key markets.



MAX has delivered a 9.63% engagement rate with nearly 40 million social likes, comments, shares, retweets, website clicks, video views, etc.



“Ford Music” has elevated the careers of more than 75 emerging artists, creating ambassadors that engage with audiences across the US.


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