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As the oldest major soft drink in the US, Dr Pepper has a long history of being one of America’s favorite refreshment treats. Dr Pepper has built its brand around being unique and delivering one-of-a-kind experiences to their fans. In partnership with MAX, Dr Pepper launched an integrated music program that brought their brand story to life through the brand’s support of unique artists across the US that their audience would come to crave.


  • Create a marketing program that would integrate into current campaigns
  • Increase engagement among Hispanic and general market audiences
  • Drive purchase behavior at retail partners in key markets


  • Additional audience insights from MAX: Single, early adopter, streaming service subscribers, frequent social media, online gamers
  • A mix of emerging artists and genres that are tailored to specific audience profiles increases engagement as a primary brand objective
  • If the objective is driving retail purchase behavior, partnering with a nationally recognized artist is better suited


“One Of A Kind Sound” is an ongoing annual program that features artists who appeal to the brand’s key audiences and emulate the Dr Pepper’s attitude both in their music and their lifestyles.

The program first launched with a focus on the individual goals of nine Dr Pepper distribution regions by carefully curating a roster of artists who each resonated and connected with audiences in the respective regions. As the brand’s objectives evolved to include shopper marketing, so did the strategy around the music program – shifting from a multi-artist approach to one focused on a larger artist with national appeal to yield maximum impact with point-of-sale displays at retail.

“One of A Kind Sound” artists serve as active brand ambassadors throughout the program, promoting Dr Pepper with appearances at VIP experiences and Meet & Greets with lucky fans. We also include point-of-sale displays featuring the artists and the brand to promote sweepstakes.


unique artists

Over three consecutive summers, Dr Pepper has featured new music from 18+ unique artists across the US who embody the one-of-a-kind brand.



The program continues to increase in engagement levels each year, most recently hitting 8.54% on average across key markets.


vip entries

Through a combination of digital and in-store promotion, the program has generated 12,000+ fans entering to win VIP branded experiences with artists.


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