Our team has backgrounds in digital marketing, data science, music and entertainment, and technology. Our diverse interests and experiences could have led us anywhere, but a shared passion for music brought us together.

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Our name stands for Music Audience Exchange; and it says a lot about what we stand for as a company. The term “Audience” is at the center of our name, because music fans are at the center of everything we do.

We believe that music is the most personal and profound way to communicate.

We believe the audience experience should be enriched, not interrupted.

We believe a true exchange is a meaningful interaction that brings value to everyone involved.


Community Manager

Adam grew up playing the guitar with musical influences such as The Eagles and Jimi Hendrix. He would love to partner with GoPro – being a videographer, he tells stories through his projects and can easily relate to their brand identity.


Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Alessia’s favorite concert is a toss up between Glass Animals and Pretty Lights. She also would love to partner with Deep Ellum Brewing – what’s a better combo than beer & live music?!


Software Engineer

Alyssa loves a wide range of music genres – from EDM and Trap to Classical. If she could partner with any brand, it would have to be Subaru or KTM, because both brands care about their niche customer base.


Manager, Operations

Ana has been nicknamed “Jukebox” for her ability to sing along to every song, even the ones she doesn’t like. Over the last 15 years, she has worn Adidas sneakers nearly every day.


Software Engineer

One of Bradley’s favorite and first concerts was seeing The xx. If he had to choose, his favorite brand would be Coca-Cola because of its extremely progressive approach and positive influence around the world. 


UI / UX Design Lead

Brian can’t stop listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack because it gets him moving. Having competed in multiple races, he is very passionate about the Ironman brand. 


Cofounder, CRO

Carlos grew up playing music and listening to bands like Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses & The Eagles. On the brand side he’s a big fan of Uber, Nordstrom, & Amazon. The first brand / artist partnership that made him stop and take notice was Michael Jackson and Pepsi. 



VP, Brand Partnerships

One of Casey’s favorite shows was seeing Børns perform at Coachella 2016. Casey would love to partner with the brand SMITH + MARA because of their perfectly-crafted diamond jewelry. 


SVP, Brand Partnerships

Weened on a heavy rotation of Fogelberg, Steely Dan, The Stones, and “Go Cubs Go” in the Chicago burbs, Chris was an “anything but country” guy until attending Rice University in Texas. Now he may dress like Diplo, but it’s the country stylings of Sam Hunt that rule his playlist.


Data Scientist

Colton’s music tastes range from alt-rock and folk rock to indie pop and trap remixes. His favorite brand is Chipotle because of their superb customer service and innovative approach to fast-casual dining. 


Software Engineer

Conner has a trap r&b project called cøzybøy which explores romantic relationships through melancholic, lugubrious melodies and sounds. When he’s not wallowing in his own music, Conner is happily coding MAX’s UI on a couch somewhere in Los Angeles. 


Marketing Manager

At Craig’s first concert, Flogging Molly brought him onstage to recover his shoe that came off in a mosh pit, and they sang an impromptu song about his SPAM t-shirt. He loves Diet Coke and drinks them from mini cans because they make him feel like the hulk. 


Director, Engineering

If Dan had to pick a soundtrack to his life, it would be Beethoven’s 9th symphony. Dan would love to build a brand partnership with Lenovo, as he has used Thinkpads for over a decade for everything from his day job to writing books to painting to video editing. 


VP, Brand Partnerships

David’s favorite concert was witnessing The Grateful Dead perform Oxford Speedway in 1988. He’s a big fan of the Patagonia brand, and like The Grateful Dead, likes goin’ where the climate suits his clothes. 


Senior Data Analyst

Traveling around the globe with choir, music was the lens through which David saw the world growing up. His first concert was the Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, but his favorite music experience was with Fedde Le Grand at Slide in San Francisco


Community Manager

While Erika’s first concert was a Destiny’s Child show in Houston, her all-time favorite live music experience was the 2015 Sonár Festival in Barcelona. Erika is a big fan of the Reformation brand, citing their trendy and sustainably-produced clothing. 


Manager, Client Partnerships

Erika can listen to almost any type of music, but her go-to is salsa! If she could work with any brand, she would choose Coca-Cola because a lot of their campaigns make personal and emotional connections with their consumers. 


Manager, Sales Operations & Planning

While Erin grew up in Milwaukee and attended Summerfest every year, her favorite concert experience was an intimate show with The Roots, courtesy of American Airlines. If Erin could partner with any brand, The Container Store would be the most authentic connection.


Cofounder, Head of Music

George’s favorite concert was either REM on the Pageantry tour or Scruffy the Cat at The Channel in Boston in the late ‘80s. Alive & Radiant would be a perfect brand partner for George because that’s how he aims to live. 


Artist Relations

Hayden describes his favorite concert – John Mayer in LA – as a “religious experience”. He has an extensive background in Talent Buying, Artist Management, and Artist Relations! He would love to partner with Patagonia because of their organic connection with consumers. 


Project Manager

Hilary has been surrounded by music since childhood — her brother, a self-proclaimed rapper, had her memorize the lyrics to all his songs! Hilary favorite brand is the NBA — they embrace passion, diversity and everything that makes something unique


Video Content Producer

Jamaal’s favorite concerts were K104 Summer Jam in the 90’s with MC Hammer, Naughty by Nature, and several other 90’s Rap and R&B artists. If he were an artist, he would partner with Blue Bell because of being an ice creamaholic! 


Media Manager

Jason loves high-energy music, ranging from classic punk to progressive rock to metal, funk, and jazz. One of his favorite brands is Vater Drum Sticks, because they allow him to drum longer and harder. 


VP, Product

With his band The Power Cords, Jeff has released three albums, licensed music for television shows, and toured the west coast. He attended Harvard University, where his senior thesis focused on the sociology of rock criticism with a case study of Weezer’s Pinkerton. 


Sales Engineer

With music constantly playing, John digs hard bop, classic rock and “the good stuff from the 80s.” [He often pines for his cutting-edge days (long gone) when no one had heard of R.E.M., The Smiths or even U2.] And being a hi-fi snob, playback must be on a Linn system!


Director, Client Partnerships

Though he has many to choose from, three of Josh’s most memorable concerts are Elton John, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails. Josh likes to spend free time outside and considers Cabela’s a top-notch brand for his lifestyle. 


Cofounder, Advisor

Justin’s most-played artists include Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean, Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, and DMB, though his current tastes lean more toward indie / folk. If Justin were an artist, he would like to partner with Audi, citing their style-meets-substance ethos. 


Content Designer

Kelleigh enjoys a broad spectrum of music ranging from Broadway show tunes to Alt-Rock and even Jazz. She’s a big supporter of the brand Southwest, because of their mission, which focuses highly on customer service and equal opportunity.


Director, Talent Acquisition

Kelly Jo’s first concert was Metallica. If she had the opportunity to work with any brand, she would choose United by Blue. The brand has a mission of cleaning up water pollution but also sells environmentally conscious clothing as well. 



VP, Brand Partnerships

Kurt loves any kind of music — from Michael Jackson to Mozart. His favorite concert of all time was Van Halen! He would love to partner with any brand that is environmentally conscious and exists to help improve lives.


Marketing Manager

Music plays an important role in Kyndall’s life – she will always remember her first dance with her husband and her father-daughter dance on her wedding day. She also loves supporting brands that use clean ingredients! 


Vice President, Finance

Lara loves to listen to music while running, with artists ranging from Eminem to Prince to Journey and sometimes country. She considers Coca-Cola to be one of her all-time favorite brands, though she has switched from the original flavor to Coke Life. 


Community Manager

Having played violin for over 15 years, classical music has a special place in Luz’s heart. If Luz could partner with any brand, she would choose Apple, for always striving to push tech to the next level.

MARIA di Fonzo

Director, Social Media Programs

Maria grew up with a deep appreciation for music. Her father, who worked in radio and TV, taught her how to curate her own playlists. Her favorite brand is Trader Joe’s because of their commitment to higher quality at the best value – not to mention their Hawaiian shirts!


VP, Operations

Matt’s passion for music started at an early age, as he grew up playing classical piano and sang a cappella in high school. His most-listened to album is “The Lonesome Crowded West” by Modest Mouse. 


Director, Sales Operations

Matt’s great grandpa transcribed music, his grandma played a mean organ, and he is a self-taught drummer. Matt’s a fellow Deadhead and has been on the Phish #CouchTour since 15′. Mercedes would be his brand of choice because he believes in “The best or nothing”. 


Director, Artist Relations

Maxwell, better known as “Zotz,” has always had a fascination with how fans can connect to their favorite musicians. He would geek out over a brand partnership with Taco Bell, because of their progressive marketing approach – Taco Bell for life en lieu of cash! 


Staff Accountant

While Michelle’s music taste ranges from Hip-Hop to K-Pop to Country, her first concert was Ahn Jae Wook. She is a big fan of the brand Elie Tahari because it’s fashionable and affordable.


CEO, Founder

Nathan grew up in a family of working musicians and spent a portion of his early career working in radio. Some of Nate’s favorite brands include Amazon, Whole Foods, and REI – because each of these brands seem to know exactly who they are. 


Media Manager

Olivia’s favorite album to put on repeat in high school was ‘The City Sleeps In Flames’ by Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and she still knows every word! Olivia does not favor one brand over another, but loves supporting brands that give back to the community. 


Graphic Designer

Paige’s dad has played electric guitar her entire life, most recently in a blues cover band. She grew up in choir and once tried out for American Idol. If Paige were to partner with a brand, it would be Nike or Adidas, because she practically lives in workout clothes. 


Operations Manager

Rachael’s favorite concert was John Mellencamp – she knew all the words and had a blast at 7 months pregnant. Her favorite places to listen to music are in the car, in the gym, and poolside. 


Community Manager

One of Raven’s favorite concerts was Drake’s Take Care Tour with Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. She would love to partner with a company like Coca-Cola for its vibrant message and its connection with people of different ages. 


VP, Marketing

Rosemary’s family convenes for a jam session every Thanksgiving, where she contributes her talents for harmonizing and conducting. Her favorite brands include Dr Pepper, Barq’s, Disney, and REI because of the feelings they invoke and the values they hold. 


Artist Relations Partner

Ryan’s favorite concert was Foo Fighters at ACL in 2015, where Dave Grohl played through a broken leg. Ryan has a strong connection with Tesla, believing in Elon Musk’s outlook on engineering for the future in ways that are accessible for as many people as possible. 


VP, Content; Cofounder

Ryan’s passion for music started early, raised by the Booking Agent for Austin’s Aquafest who took him to see his first show, Chuck Berry. His favorite lifestyle brands include Ariat Boots, Ford and GoPro. 


Director, Platform Operations

Sean’s favorite concert experience was A Tribe Called Quest, where he sat front row and made a cameo in their documentary “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest.” A former college football player, Sean has a strong brand affinity to Nike. 


Advisor, Legal Affairs

Stefan’s top played album is Jimmy Buffett’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.” If he could partner with any brand, Stefan would choose REI, because he is the happiest on a trail or at a camp. 


Community Manager

Stefanie’s first concert was Kings of Leon in 2009 for her 18th birthday. If she were to partner with a brand, she would love to with Apple. To Stefanie their innovation, design, and, most importantly, customer service make Apple an amazing company.



Steve’s favorite concert was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers because it had all the right elements of location, atmosphere, and sound. If he were an artist, he would love to form a partnership with SONOS. 


Senior Vice President, Brand Partnerships

Theresa’s first concert was Prince – but she’s a true Rock’n’Roll queen at heart. If she could partner with any brand, it would be Uber — they get fans to and from events without the stress


Media Manager

Trevor’s most memorable concert was seeing Drake at Madison Square Garden. He would love to partner with Nike, not only because of their innovation compared to other sports brands, but he practically lives in their workout gear


Senior VP, Brand Partnerships

Veenerick listened to Tupac on tape everyday for his daily 10 mile bike commute to school. His favorite brand is Tesla because of their ability to shape a new culture and a renewed sustainable future. 


Artist Relations

Victoria is on a mission: to become a music aficionado, so embracing all forms of music without bias is important to her. One of her favorite brands is Beats Electronics, as they have unconventionally branched out in so many fields to influence all areas of culture


Senior Software And Data Engineer

Weston has a deep connection with music, having grown up playing the piano, saxophone and guitar. If he could choose any brand to partner with, Weston would choose SpaceX for a free trip to space. 

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